Creating content is hard enough as it is without having to do hours of research. Fran Lung Analytics is here to help. Our data packages are here to help creators focus on creating content by providing complete and concise data packages for all your research needs. Spend less time looking things up, and more time creating.

Creator Packages

  Scaled RX Elite
Competition Preview

Athlete Profiles for Competition Field  

Open and Quarterfinals Results by Competition Field    

Post Competition      
Leaderboard After Each Event

Athlete Event Summary

Additional Content      
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World Wide Rankings +/-

Training Camp Rosters    

Athlete Who Is PDFs (On Demand)   1 Per Month 3 Per Month
Available Competitions      
CrossFit Open*

CrossFit Quarterfinals(Individual)*

CrossFit Semifinals

CrossFit Games(Individuals)

Madrid Championship

Rogue Invitational

Dubai Fitness Championship

Wodapalooza Elite Individuals

CrossFit Games Teams  

French Throwdown  

Down Under CrossFit Championship  

Wodapalooza Elite Teams    

Wodapalooza RX Individuals    

Madrid Challenger Series    


The Fittest Experience    

The German Throwdown    

CrossFit Games Teens (16 - 17)    

CrossFit Games Masters (35 - 39)    

* Top 50 in World Wide Rankings only
  $50/Month $100/Month $250/Month